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HubSpot auditing & reporting helps you in decluttering the system for optimal performance.

An all-in-one software like HubSpot has inbuilt and interconnected sales, marketing, CRM, and website development platforms. And with time, there is bound to have a mess with a contact database, reporting, unnecessary templates, sync issues, and effects after taking the update. HubSpot auditing & reporting.

With consistent use of marketing and sales platforms like HubSpot, a timely audit of the platform is necessary to check if everything is going smoothly or any areas need a revival and clean up to use it optimally.

An in-depth audit of your HubSpot platform helps your business in thefollowing ways

  • Recognize any unused option and make complete use of the platform
  • Distinguish if there any misconfiguration and fix the same
  • Better structure and organize assets internally for a comfortable use
  • Find out areas where you need to train your sales and marketing team
  • Declutter by removing unused templates, and other assets
  • Find out what strategy is working and what not
  • Get an insight into the budget, spending, and ROI

An audit report consists of assessment of the followings

  • Website performance
  • Content quality
  • Conversion rate
  • Technical implementation
  • Settings & file manager
  • Email & forms
  • Design manager
  • Contact list database
  • Apps integration & sync errors
  • Report organization
  • Security & privacy
  • Ads & social media
  • Campaigns & workflows
Assets Reviewing Workflows, Campaigns, Emails, and Forms, highlighting high performing/inefficient assets, and identifying gaps.
Field Management Mapping HubSpot properties that have been set up for lead management, data picklist values, etc.
Database Hygiene Locate any bad data in terms of duplicates or non-marketable contacts. Check if systems are in place to keep the database efficient.
HubSpot Features Identify if all the features of HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hub are utilized efficiently, as per best practices.
Integration and Connectors Monitor the website-HubSpot integration and identify sync issues with app integrations (ex: Salesforce CRM)
Reporting Determine if existing reports and dashboards capture the right data and performance metrics.

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